Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Stand Redeemed

By Godiva Lucille Amenu (Cookie Lu)

sometimes i breathe in just to see how deep my insecurities sink

emotions cannot be suppressed for so long so i speak and it drips

like fresh honey leaving a faint remainder of what should have been

like an empty vase i feel liberated; just for a little while see it doesn't last long

dancing in a limbo of a tear jerking heart and too many unspoken words and

stifled mourning, i smile but it never quite reaches the brim of my eyes

i seek an inner peace which man cannot render unto me because

that which is not assured cannot keep me safe and secured

i seek life, one which is everlasting and awakens the dead bones

lying dormant in the pit of my soul, i want to be made whole so i will

no longer have to lose hope when i'm tied in a rope and with dashed goals

so i'm walking with my Father, my King, i'm trusting and loving Him

because in the quiet whisper of dawn when i'm down on my knees

and drowing in my pain and grim with clouded vision and haunting dreams

He pulls me up and cleanses my being, now when i laugh, u can tell from my beam

ive been redeemed, what shall i say unto my Lord? all i have to say is thank you, akpe akpe.

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