Saturday, August 4, 2012

Let Peace Be

When nightmares of our virulent past-
sharp knives of discord-
threaten to sever our bonds of unity,
when wars and strife
greet from the left and the right,
do not cave in, brother;
hold fast to the things that keep hope alive.
Let peace be,
let it be.

Let peace be
lo, let it be
still as the calm waters of Bosomtwi,
unperturbed as a graceful princess in her beauty sleep.
Do not stir.
Stoke no fire with your wild thoughts,
cooking strange tales of things unperceived.
Restrain yourself
from adding fuels of emotional prejudice to the destroyers’ fire,
burning our aspirations to ashes!
Be bold to quench the raging infernos stoked by single stories
and save tomorrow’s golden dreams.

Let peace be,
Please let it be!
Resist their plans to make you
the purveyor of the social gangrene.
Don’t spill out the unguarded words they feed you with
 to fester sour wounds of the dark days much like septic needles,
multiplying our pain and heightening our wail.

Yea, let us slow down on the divisive acts
that plunge Africa into perpetual wahala
and amplify the sisters’ tears many fold.
Stop acting like it’s only your brother who needs food,
let the people have their bread too
lest their fury burst like a volcanic earthquake
to smash all we’ve built over the years,
setting us back to the stone age.

Surely, it must be no complex puzzle to pursue peace
From day one nature bestowed it on us
as imprinted in our DNA .
Make no mistake about this: fairness is the key,
we can only have peace when we
Provide Equal Access to the Country’s Economy
Let it be!
Let peace be!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Word

Spoken from heavenly heights
descending to these earthly realms
the word dwells among us,
ever transcending yet sure,
ever potent,
directing our course
to the end of time.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knowledge is free

Don't sharpen your legal axes
only to hack the members
of the knowledge tree
you should know
knowledge, like a baobab tree,
cannot be encircled wth one's hands.

Ask Kwaku Ananse, the tricky spider
who dared,
racking his brains to near-explosion,
to gather all wisdom known to humans
the return of all his drudgery
t'was futile indeed!

Truth is you don't know it all
you can't know it all
neither can I stake such a claim
why don't we instead drink
from our common wisdom pot
gaining nourishment, strengthening everyone
for the world's good?

Knowledge is one ware
though shared remains still
and grows many folds
like microbes in a rich medium.
Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,
the world's knowledge belongs to us all
knowledge is free!