Thursday, July 23, 2009

Undesirable feeling

22nd July, 2009

Around 11:00 pm

What's this feeling that is

Choking my emotion, distracting my attention

Fevering my body, holding my muscles

Creeping into my mind, dulling my senses

Quenching my passion, eroding my stamina

Stifling my thinking, fuelling my inactivity

Inducing my sleep, dipping my alertness

Engaging my procrastination, clipping my productivity

Dwindling my savings, boosting my poverty?

Monday, July 20, 2009


In the eyes of the little boy down the streets
The one drenched in hunger and poverty
Whose daily life is immersed in misery
Are the pointers to what defines our being

Daily we watch this young chap strive to live
In search of bread and butter, he hits the streets
And wanders thereabout till nightfall
Truly, he is a far cry from survival

Yet he dreams!
He dreams of an education
At the bright and colourful world-learning centres
Within the walls where great minds hold sway
Clutching to the quest for a better tomorrow
In his dreams he owns mansions and castles and gadgets
In his dreams he leads to build to keep opportunities
For the younger ones to come

In wonderment and puzzlement you thus ask
"Wherein lies his inspiration?"
The tonic that drives his life is________ hope

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spiritual irony

They invade my peaceful abode
With their cars and mini vans
An army of dedicated faithful
Ready to serve the master

With shrieks and shouts and howls
They disturb my sleep and thoughts
In the deep of the night and in the early morn
They do all these in vain
'Cos they try to reach a God who loves silence

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Pencil

I write in Pencil,
So I can erase and maybe change some things...

Sometime past, I wanted to etch some memories with pencil
So I could erase and maybe change some things.

But an indelible ink it is...our memories.
Events lined up in ink...where only darkness makes it clean as erased.
The bright light of remembrance reveals the flaw of that darkness

Oh how I wish I could write them in Pencil.
So I could erase them and maybe...change some things.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Call

Call me blue and see me through
Make me lie and take me up high
Peel me naked and fined me scared
A star I am just for a single stare
Hope I have but for a divine slope
Far I will go to rub all my tar
Near I will come to wipe your sweet tear
Lame I am within your love to tame
Desert your dream and follow me to the dessert
Wide awake my spirit stays upon the near Lake
A dove I send to you only to deliver my Love

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Visitor

The visitor who never stays
The only thing he does is stray

Stay into my beautiful garden
Without asking for my parden

He plucks the prettiest of flowers,
And sucks out the brightest of colours.

The visitor who never stays
The only thing he does is stray

Stay into all that is perfect
And destroy it with the least of respect.

He keeps on doing all this,
And makes gardening not worth all this.

The visiter who never stays but strays...