Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Each time I lay down and cry,
It’s always been my pen and i

Each time love seems nigh, it’s always my pen and i

It’s the closest friend I’ve ever had,
When everything went bad.

When no one seemed to understand me,
All it does is to understand me.

It rymes with my soul and
Helps me to my goal

Each time am in despair
We are always the perfect pair,

Where would i be?
without my pen by me...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Untitled Verses

Running from the depths of my emotion
in the fields where feelings are manufactured
I still feel its nauseating pangs
this loneliness could be a killer

At day it dominates my utmost thoughts
at night it becomes my 'undependable' companion
as even sleep eludes my eyes
and anxiety rules all the way through

It started when you packed your baggage
and quietly walked out of the door
that rainy night several moons ago
then I indulged myself in great pretence
that my soup was not as salty and the bed just warm enough
nay! For I fooled even myself

The solution lies in my mind, I reckon
or perhaps the control of the disposition of the spirit
I'd search far and near for what I hope to be the cure
yet for now let me contend with these untitled verses

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The lonely eagle

Up above in the skies I see

My kind soaring above

Revelling in their might

Their song sweet to sing

Especially in the nights

Here I am a lonely eagle on the ground

Flight seems like fright

And soar like sore

My wings are clipped

And my dreams almost gone

Yet I know like all eagles I must fly

I know home lies in the sky

I am an eagle son of the sky

Homeward I will heard

But until my frail wings become fortified with enough keratin

The ground remains my humble abode