Wednesday, September 30, 2009


By Michael Kwame Dakwa

You passed through my night

...and long after sleep was gone
you lingered as an unshakable mist,
reminding me of the
heartache that is the hole
your words once held their place...

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Immortality of Nkrumah

In the beginning there was nothing
And out of nothing Yahweh called everything
First the angels and demons to keep the mortals busy
Then the women of the earth to remind man of his existence
After all was set and after all had been written

Yahweh called Nkrumah to stay in between the mortals and the immortal
To call for war at a time everything seemed peaceful
A mission to save the lost from its leash and its destiny
And begin a new path into a different generation
After that mission was done and all covered,
Nkrumah crossed the line

The line that separated mortals from those who never saw death
And built a home amongst the living and shared in their greater pain
From far up in the skies Yahweh unchained the punisher
The hibernating demons that lay in wait and smelled the blood of heroes
This time to spark a begging of the end of immortality among men
And so history was ordered to record it, Nkrumah the last immortal man

Saturday, September 12, 2009


As you celebrate a hundred,
In plain tongue We express our aches
The pain that lingers in the heart of the young
To see a Ghana at a standstill

As you celebrate a hundred,
The very wall you built to keep knowledge
Are the ones that still stand.
And they do so all alone in loneliness
No sibling to look up to.
I look into the eyes of my kinsmen
And lo I see a fire and desire
A zeal to dare into the greener lands
A quest into the unknown.

As you celebrate a hundred,
Far away,in the wilderness,
there is clan of the African family
A family of strong arms and smart minds
Yet have no lands to till
and no draught to play

As you celebrate a hundred,
More and more warriors in their
search for the pot of wisdom
Bite off a piece of their sleep to other
And with it their strength to fight

As you celebrate a hundred,
I look again down the valley
I see a throng of fighter
And behind them a fire of change
In your next birthdays to come this army
Will buy you the biggest birthday cake

Monday, September 7, 2009


When hearts break and dreams are forgotten
Tides of the ocean pull and pull themselves away
Away to the land and place of the aimless
When nature’s arms seem to curse man’s vision
Bachelors remain ringless
And the barren is still childless
Servants continue in their servitude
Showers of hope will come upon the ambitious
Looking up into the heavens there is a God
A God who will and A God who can
Behold the bachelor becomes a groom
The barren outdoors her triplets
And the servants begin to rule the world
All it takes is a dream