Friday, August 24, 2018

Hands up!!

In emptiness and void, the words spoken and made.
The light triggered and lingered, His words triggering day and night.
From void He part the skies and seas...birds and fishes.

From Emptiness and vacuum, He birthed the trees,herbs and bees...moulded the beasts of the earth.
Then man!...He made man in an image like non other. With a sigh, he breathed life into!
 He made us in the image of Him.

Him!...whose words formed life,
Him!...who speaks and darkness fleas,
Him who is the creator, the lord of all hosts!

...then from the depths of darkness, the devil beckoned and stole...crawled and conned man.
Man fell! Fell from the bliss of the almighty in search of vanity amis! The search was meaningless, leading to destruction.
The path the devil made a pact with, in all the vanities of the world, desires of the flesh...the love of sin!

Then! emptiness and void, God's word spoken and made.
The word became flesh, flesh like us...God like Him!
The word, the Messiah, the truth and the light!

He walked upon the earth and reached out to us in the depths of darkness, beckoned to us, loved us in all our filth!

So we lift up our eyes to see the light, the light of our salvation shine before us in the renewal of life. Him in us, our hope of glory!
Him in us, an everlasting life!
To him we lift our hands!

Yes! To him, we will lift our HANDS UP!!


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