Saturday, September 12, 2009


As you celebrate a hundred,
In plain tongue We express our aches
The pain that lingers in the heart of the young
To see a Ghana at a standstill

As you celebrate a hundred,
The very wall you built to keep knowledge
Are the ones that still stand.
And they do so all alone in loneliness
No sibling to look up to.
I look into the eyes of my kinsmen
And lo I see a fire and desire
A zeal to dare into the greener lands
A quest into the unknown.

As you celebrate a hundred,
Far away,in the wilderness,
there is clan of the African family
A family of strong arms and smart minds
Yet have no lands to till
and no draught to play

As you celebrate a hundred,
More and more warriors in their
search for the pot of wisdom
Bite off a piece of their sleep to other
And with it their strength to fight

As you celebrate a hundred,
I look again down the valley
I see a throng of fighter
And behind them a fire of change
In your next birthdays to come this army
Will buy you the biggest birthday cake

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