Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knowledge is free

Don't sharpen your legal axes
only to hack the members
of the knowledge tree
you should know
knowledge, like a baobab tree,
cannot be encircled wth one's hands.

Ask Kwaku Ananse, the tricky spider
who dared,
racking his brains to near-explosion,
to gather all wisdom known to humans
the return of all his drudgery
t'was futile indeed!

Truth is you don't know it all
you can't know it all
neither can I stake such a claim
why don't we instead drink
from our common wisdom pot
gaining nourishment, strengthening everyone
for the world's good?

Knowledge is one ware
though shared remains still
and grows many folds
like microbes in a rich medium.
Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,
the world's knowledge belongs to us all
knowledge is free!

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