Friday, July 17, 2009

Spiritual irony

They invade my peaceful abode
With their cars and mini vans
An army of dedicated faithful
Ready to serve the master

With shrieks and shouts and howls
They disturb my sleep and thoughts
In the deep of the night and in the early morn
They do all these in vain
'Cos they try to reach a God who loves silence


  1. this is good stuff.but wat is behind it all.sth fishy

  2. Nothing fishy, i assure you Carl, the poem was influenced by my observation of how some people organise their prayer sessions at odd hours, disturbing the much needed sleep of others. I concede that while spiritual growth and freedom of religion are very important, we must take steps not to inconvenient anybody in the process of our religious worship.

    Tell me, what do you think i'm hiding? What are your thoughts on this poem?

  3. i felt u were talking abt the same things u talked abt up here...but i felt probably you were addressing it bcos of a personal experience.nutn doing.all in all this great stuff.kudos my buddy

  4. @Bright, thanks :).

    @Carl, you wouldn't rule out the personal experience completely, would you? Thanks for your supporting comments though, and keep up the faith