Monday, July 20, 2009


In the eyes of the little boy down the streets
The one drenched in hunger and poverty
Whose daily life is immersed in misery
Are the pointers to what defines our being

Daily we watch this young chap strive to live
In search of bread and butter, he hits the streets
And wanders thereabout till nightfall
Truly, he is a far cry from survival

Yet he dreams!
He dreams of an education
At the bright and colourful world-learning centres
Within the walls where great minds hold sway
Clutching to the quest for a better tomorrow
In his dreams he owns mansions and castles and gadgets
In his dreams he leads to build to keep opportunities
For the younger ones to come

In wonderment and puzzlement you thus ask
"Wherein lies his inspiration?"
The tonic that drives his life is________ hope