Sunday, April 25, 2010


Many moons have gone by
Since I meant to start a revolution
A clarion call to action
A youth propelled movement that'll gain traction
Together we'll fire
Mental shots of change and progress
To herald the start of a new dawn
Just listen to the sound kpoka! Again? kpoka!

Chase the cheaters and the eaters
Who're like barriers in the path of the cheetahs
Stalling progress with their tethers
But with ricocheting shots
Shots of mental action emanating from thought
We reverse the age of retrogression
Here we go kpoka! Louder KPOKA!

The scourge of dis-ease
Plaguing the people of the nation
Sapping energy, reducing productivity
Let's end its menacing reign
Bring the mental weapon into action: kpoka!

There goes poverty too
That wicked depressor
Notorious for killing dreams thus engendering social ills
Break down its dominating prison
With bullets of determination
Loaded in our mental gun
Fire kpoka! fire kpoka!

Though thieves and robbers who raid the streets at night
wield massive weapons of power
We'll shake not, we'll hold our shores
Ours is the super weapon of resistance
That'll scatter theirs into smithereens!
Hehehe kpoka! kpoka! Haha kpoka!

Against illiteracy and ignorance, kpoka!
Against corruption and poor governance, kpoka!
Against sloth and laziness, kpoka!
Against filth and poor sanitation, kpoka!
Herald the new dawn of youthful thoughts of resistance
Metamorphosing into action and improvement
Change Africa, kill the backwardness
Kpoka! Kpoka kpoka!


  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog. Nice poetry.

  2. Thanks Jabez, you have a great site too.