Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rising Cheetahs

Inspired by TEDxYouthInspire

Here comes Africa's new breed
Who're offsprings of the planted seed
The youthful ones who'll clear every need
Through the knowledge they get from the books they read
To Zion our people they shall surely lead
And ensure that the masses are truly freed

They're the ones when bogged down
And suppressed with thoughts of gloom
Just spread out their mighty wings and take flight
Take flight on wings of attitude powered by determination

I smile when I think of you
My heart glows when I hear your voices
And when I see you my face shines
For you have become the joy of my life
In the midst of this hostile weather you're the refreshing breath of air
Like a rose your words are fresh and scented and inspiring!

For you make me dare to dream
That love my hands could dare reach
Though we may not be rich
True joy for the land you do preach

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